Tractor Seat Bar Stool

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This antique cast iron tractor seat has a 360 degree swivel.  It is accented with naturally shed antlers.

Manzanita Burl Bowl

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Manzanita Burl with naturally shed Whitetail Deer antlers.

4 Person Round Dining Set

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Dining sets can be custom made in any size or shape.

6-8 Person Round

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Our dining sets can be custom made to fit any shape or size.


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This bar was a complete custom job from bottom to top.  The bar features a built in refrigerator, drawers, and garbage can.

4 Person Pub Set

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This 4 person set is made out of wine barrels, and comes with four 360 degree swivel bar stools.

Sideboard Table

Black Walnut Sideboard Table

Wine Barrel Lift Top Coffee Table

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This wine barrel coffee table has a lift top for added storage.

Nautical Table

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This custom nautical themed dining set was specifically designed by the customer.  It features a beautiful compass inlay in the center, and the base is also specific to this theme.

6 Rectangular Dining Set

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This 6 person set is constructed out of wine barrels, and meticulously assembled to ensure a seamless finish.

4 Person Scalloped Dining Set

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This four person set includes the laser engravings from the barrels to make a unique set.

Adirondack Wine Barrel Chairs

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This set is perfect for lounging, and enjoying time with family and friends.

Artistic Birch Burl Bowl

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This bowl was made as an artistic piece designed to look like a cooking spit over a campfire.  The “flames” are made of Whitetail Deer shed antlers with Elk antler sheds as the stabilizers holding the “spit”.