Hand Carved Redwood Bar Stools

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These beautiful hand carved bar stools are perfectly formed for comfort.  They have a perfectly configured Elk antler base.

Manzanita Burl Bowl

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This Manzanita burl bowl has a beautifully configured base of deer antler.

Wine Barrel End Table

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This simple yet elegant end table is made from repurposed wine barrels.

6 Person Rectangular Dining set

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This dining set has two “Captains’ Chairs” and benches for additional seating.

Rocking Bench

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This large rocking bench made from two barrels is a comfortable and stylish piece.  It has a lift up seat for additional storage as well.

Rectangular Dining Set with Inlays

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This is a 4-6 person dining set.  It incorperates inlays from barrel heads.  Customized to fit your taste.

Wine Barrel Adirondack Chairs

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These Adirondack chairs come in two different styles.



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A variety of different types of burl and naturally shed antlers.

Cypress Coffee Table

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This Cypress coffee table is stabilized by a variety of naturally she Elk and Whitetail Deer antlers.

Cedar Burl Bowl with Mount

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This Cedar Burl is held up by Myrtle Wood legs, and accented by a Whitetail Deer antler set.

Antler Coat/Hat Racks

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Antler coat/hat racks can be made of any species of wood you choose, with a variety of shed antler types.

Custom European Mount


This European Mount Whitetail Deer is mounted to a beautiful piece of Buckeye Burl.

Maple Burl Coffee Table

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This coffee table was made from Maple Burl.  It’s base is made of naturally shed Red Deer antlers.

Buckeye Burl End Table

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This Buckeye end table was accompanied by naturally shed Red Deer antlers.

Cedar Burl Bowl

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This Cedar Burl is accompanied by naturally shed Elk antlers.

Redwood Burl Coffee Table

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This is a large Redwood Burl coffee table with large Northwest Elk shed antlers as the base.

Maple Burl End Table

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Maple Burl end table with a variety of naturally shed antlers as the base.