Wine Barrel Furniture

Hong Kong island from Victoria's Peak at night


Our latest creations from recycled wine barrels has been received with overwhelming success.  We are creating new pieces every day, and taking orders for custom built creations of your very own.

Rectangular Dining Set with Inlays

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This is a 4-6 person dining set.  It incorperates inlays from barrel heads.  Customized to fit your taste.

Cheese/Hors d’oeuvres Tray


Perfect for entertaining.  The cheese tray can be used for a variety of food.

6-8 Person Round

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Our dining sets can be custom made to fit any shape or size.


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This bar was a complete custom job from bottom to top.  The bar features a built in refrigerator, drawers, and garbage can.

Napkin Holder


This wine barrel napkin holder is complete with crosspiece to hold napkins in made of cork.

Serving Platter


This serving platter is perfect for serving fruit or cheese, as well as a variety of other foods.

Drink Table

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This little drink table is perfect between two Adirondack chairs.

4 Person Pub Set

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This 4 person set is made out of wine barrels, and comes with four 360 degree swivel bar stools.

Nautical Table

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This custom nautical themed dining set was specifically designed by the customer.  It features a beautiful compass inlay in the center, and the base is also specific to this theme.