Rustic Antler Furniture

We originally started our business building the most unique furniture from antler sheds, skulls and beautifully rendered wood burls.  We strive to use only the best materials for these truly one of a kind pieces of art.


European Mount Burl Bowl


This Whitetail European mount is attached to a Cedar Burl bowl dished into a artistic conversation piece, and held up by naturally shed Red Deer Antlers.

Manzanita Burl Bowl


This beautiful Manzanita Burl bowl is held up by all matching Whitetail Deer sheds.

Artistic Birch Burl Bowl

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This bowl was made as an artistic piece designed to look like a cooking spit over a campfire.  The “flames” are made of Whitetail Deer shed antlers with Elk antler sheds as the stabilizers holding the “spit”.

Maple Burl Wall Table


This Maple Burl wall table has a well configured Elk shed antler base.