Heirloom Quality Furniture


All of our pieces are painstakingly created by the hands of Jack Sanborn.  The effort and pride that goes into each and every piece is what separates us from the rest.

Nautical Table

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This custom nautical themed dining set was specifically designed by the customer.  It features a beautiful compass inlay in the center, and the base is also specific to this theme.

6 Rectangular Dining Set

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This 6 person set is constructed out of wine barrels, and meticulously assembled to ensure a seamless finish.

4 Person Scalloped Dining Set

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This four person set includes the laser engravings from the barrels to make a unique set.

Rocking Bench

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This is a large rocking bench with a lift up seat for additional storage.

Redwood Antler Coffee Table


This coffee table is made of Redwood Burl with naturally shed Elk antlers.

Maple Burl Wall Table


This Maple Burl wall table has a well configured Elk shed antler base.